The Significance of Reputation Marketing

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We live in a dynamic world where consumers have, at their fingertips, total access to information. In turn, this influences how brands think about their personal and professional reputation. 

Reputation is the effect of recommendations, reviews, comments, and mentions for businesses. Real estate agents need to look into customer feedback and get online reviews like any other business.

What is reputation marketing?

Reputation Marketing enhances the existing positive brand reputation and content. 

Why is reputation marketing important?

On an average eighty percent of Real Estate business comes from referrals. When someone decides to refer you, the first thing that potential client will do is conduct a search online. Once they find you online they are going to look at your online reputation, testimonials, rating and reviews. Online review sites have become an important aspect for companies and consumers alike. Social media channels allow clients to seek knowledge of what they are buying and evaluate your services. 

Consumers trust other consumers. Reviews convey how people perceive a brand and how likely they will use you for their Real Estate needs. Real Estate heavily relies on word of mouth but the internet changes that drastically. As a realtor, you can potentially get more clients by maintaining a healthy and positive online reputation.  

Here is an easy guide to send to all your clients:

Thanks for All of the Reviews!

Online reviews are fast becoming an important part of many businesses, including our own. Take a moment to read a sample of one of the many reviews that have been left by our great customers.

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