BE FOUND: 8 ways to improve your search results.

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Have you ever searched google to see what comes up?

If your business doesn’t come up 1st in the results then your missing out on SEO. There are HUGE benefits when done correctly, the goal is to be as accessible in every possible way for your clients need to connect with you.

What is SEO? What is PPC?  Which is better & what is the difference?

Read along as we break down the benefits and comparisons of the two.

First, let’s explain what SEO and PPC means: SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and PPC means Pay Per Click. Both SEO and PPC are beneficial when strategically aligned.

The differences between SEO and PPC are simple:

1. Paid ads appear atop the search results.

2. Traffic from organic SEO is FREE whereas PPC has fees per clicks.

Listed below are guidelines to improving Organic traffic:

  1. Find your target market. Utilize keywords to drive traffic to your site. Your website will appear to potential clients more frequently when you are using proper keywords catered to you.
  2. Create your own brand with our branding services: Branding allows potential clients conducting research to get familiar with your voice. You will become more visible to searchers when utilizing search terms specific to your business expertise.
  3. Be reliable. Many users trust organic results rather than paid advertisements when searching the web. Creating reliable content will allow your audience to trust you more resulting in more business and a trustworthy reputation. One key tip is receiving positive reviews from previous clients.
  4. Cost per click. Time, effort and money will help develop your visibility.
  5. Determine cost & ROI (return on investment). SEO can be expensive and time consuming. However, it is typically more beneficial and cost effective than other branding gimmicks.
  6. Maximize overall clicks.  Improved click through rates are created when a higher percentage of users click on organic results.
  7. There are so many new queries every day that to maximize scope, you will need strong organic visibility. You will not want to pay for all kinds of clicks either or advertise every piece of content on your website.
  8. Strategic Advantage. Visibility in organic search takes times and effort. Assuming you’ve taken all the proper precautions, establishing yourself will allow greater visibility amongst competitors who cannot simply buy their way in. This provides strategic advantage over your competitions who may relay on paid searches.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows! There are certainly cons to SEO. In many cases, organic traffic can be slow to come by, and you may be wildly outgunned. If you are just starting out, and the keywords you are targeting show results dominated by titans like Keller Williams, Zillow, and, then you may need to rethink your strategy. You may also need to develop content assets to achieve strong organic visibility. Not all businesses have the in-house resources to tackle content development, and this can pose a problem. Organic traffic is an upfront investment but in the long run will pay off. You will always be accessible and easy to find when done right.  Ask us how you can Be Heard.. Be Seen.. Be Found!


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