Be HEARD: How to Drive Traffic & Win Clients.


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We all want more leads and the choice to work with our ideal client, Right?…

As a Realtor, what can you be doing to become more accessible to that perfect client?  Well, its easier than you may think; it just takes time and some planning, plus it’s fun sharing your story and getting it online for everyone to see. It is best to find people that relate to you. Let those people know what it is you do and why you do it better than anyone else.

We want to help you with some simple steps to tell your story, drive traffic and win clients…

Be Heard: Establish Yourself as an Expert– Building trust online is huge. Let’s say someone recommends you, they are more than likely going to google you.

Are you accessible? Hopefully you are accessible and the first thing that appears is your professional website with a defined brand.  Your brand should provide engaging, valuable, and expert information. Next, your social media accounts, filling up the first page of the search results.

If you don’t have a google business account, I would suggest getting one right after you’re done reading this. Your google search results will show your business on the top right-hand side showing business details and showcase your rating & reviews online. This is another huge marketing tool called Reputation Marketing. This doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time on a consistent basis. Over time, you become a “go to” resource for helpful, informative resources, which can ultimately lead your ideal client right to you. This is especially important for you to gain credibility to compete among all the other Real Estate professionals.

Be SEEN: Align People to Your Brand– Blogging allows you to show a personal side of your business and a way to showcase your brand. Share what gets you excited, what drives your business. So why not share those same ideas online such as; interior design, local neighborhood restaurants, first time buyer information, fun events, or maybe share the relationships that you build along the way. Taking the time and writing a personal blog goes along way. Why, because its transparent.  It shows everyone our day to day passions and will be a tremendous help with your search results.

Be FOUND:  With Your Online Presence– Search engines want to become your best friend when you post fresh content. They get bored with the old and the copied. Search Engines know when you copy and post content as if you wrote it yourself. It’s all in the algorithms…. What better way to provide constant content than with your blog posts.  By blogging consistently, you excite Google and other search engines with new content to index.  Don’t forget all your relatable keywords they love keywords that’s how you increase your visibility.

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