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Activated Agent is an in-house Real Estate marketing agency specializing in Creative Brand Design, Website Development, IDX Home Search & Marketing!


Activated Agent

At Activated Agent, we excel in crafting top-tier branding solutions tailored for Realtors, Teams, and Brokers. Our in-house experts curate customized designs that align with your unique brand identity. Our meticulously developed branding package empowers you to exude an ultra-professional aura and distinguish yourself within a competitive market.


Real Estate
Website design

Elevate your presence with uniquely tailored branded websites! Departing from the conventional template approach, we are dedicated to crafting exquisite websites that instill pride and remain customizable over the course of your career. 

Our support extends to Realtors of every tier, encompassing new agents, teams, and brokerages alike. Placing utmost emphasis on branding, we tailor your website to reflect your distinct identity, empowering you to shine uniquely and make a remarkable impact.

IDX Home Search +

A national real estate home search provider, our IDX/Home Search solution will help you stand out. You can enable your buyers to explore listings on your website while simply promoting and marketing your listings directly from your website. The user-friendly interface includes a streamlined lead nurturing system, helping you maintain connections and project an ultra-professional image.


Embrace our marketing subscriptions, designed to provide your website with a continuous flow of engaging content that captivates buyers and sellers.

Every post is strategically designed with captivating content that steers potential leads to your website and helps build brand awareness and organic SEO.

Ongoing Training
& Education

Equipping you for triumph is our priority. That’s why we provide unparalleled customer service, top-notch technical support, and comprehensive training and education resources.